Why is Testbase introducing teacher accounts?

Changes to data protection legislation now requires us to collect explicit acceptance of terms and conditions as well as our privacy notice by each individual user. To facilitate this, individual teacher accounts are required. However, the introduction of teacher accounts will allow us in future to provide a much more personalised experience of Testbase to our users. More details of these exciting features will follow in due course.

Do I have to create a teacher account?

For the time being you can skip teacher account creation and continue to use your school login, however when the new GDPR legislation comes into effect in May you will be obliged to create and use a teacher account to access Testbase

Can I use my private Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. email for my account?

No, not without contacting support and stating a valid reason. Your school has licensed Testbase so we require a school email whenever possible.

In addition to Testbase, my school also uses MERiT / Optional Tests. Can I use my MERiT credentials to access Testbase or vice versa?

Yes, MERiT and Testbase use the same login system so an existing MERiT account can be used to access Testbase, there is no need to re-register. You may proceed to the login page and use your MERiT credentials.

Note that if your school uses MERiT and Testbase, but you do not have a MERiT account already your data administrator will have to authorise any accounts created via Testbase before you will be able to access MERiT. This is due to the sensitive nature of the data used by the MERiT system.

When I try to register my teacher account I get a message telling me ‘That email address is already in use’, what is going on?

The most likely explanation is that your school already uses MERiT and you already have a MERiT account. As MERiT and Testbase use the same login system an account registered on one system will also exist on the other. Therefore to access Testbase simply login with your existing MERiT account.

If you do not have a MERiT account or are still having problems logging in with your MERiT credentials, please contact our support team.

If I change my Testbase password, is my MERiT password also changed?

Yes. The credentials for MERiT and Testbase are the same, so changing one also changes the other.

What do I do if I forget my Testbase password?

You can use this screen to reset your password.

Will my documents still be available with my new login?

Yes, you will be able to access and open your Testbase documents as you have done previously.