For use with the mid-year tests we have created Excel report generators for each year group which can be downloaded from the Testbase website.

The spreadsheets have been developed so that only certain fields can be changed, in order to make them as user-friendly as possible.

Go to the Test Summary tab and enter the pupil UPNs and pupil names for your class or year group.

This will automatically populate the pupil lists for each test. Go to the tab for the test you wish to enter marks for, e.g. Y3 Reading.

Along the top, you will see 'Max marks' which is the maximum marks available for that question (the spreadsheet will not let you enter a mark higher than the maximum mark) and below it, 'question' which is simply the question number.

The 'school avg' row will populate automatically as you begin to enter marks.

Along the row for each pupil under the relevant ‘question’ enter their attained marks. If they scored no marks for a question, enter ‘0’. Do this for each pupil.

Once you have entered some marks you can see information on the 'School report' and 'Pupil report' tabs.

The 'School report' gives you overall school information for each subject, broken down into each test and then into smaller strands.

For the 'Pupil reports' you need to select a pupil from the drop-down list at the top of the sheet. You can then get the same information as you do on the ‘School report’ but this time for the individual pupil.