Once you have selected the test and class you wish to mark, you can start entering marks for your pupils.

To enter marks for a different class or test, simply select the box that displays class/test title at the top of the page.

The Score Tab

This section allows you to quickly enter marks for your pupils. Each time you enter marks the information below will update accordingly.

  • Pupils name - Your pupils are displayed in alphabetical order by surname 
  • Test marks - Number of marks achieved and available for the test for the pupil
  • Question number - Current question number you are entering marks for

Adding marks

The mark by button allows you to toggle between entering marks by pupil or by question.

Click on Pupil or Question 

To enter marks for a pupil under the Score tab, click on the mark awarded, or use the numeric keypad on your keyboard ( etc or N for Not Attempted).

When a mark has been entered the next question will become visible. A pupil’s final score will be awarded once all marks have been entered.

You can view your pupils marks as raw scores or percentage correct, by toggling the final score button.

Click on Marks or %.

The pie chart at the top of the page, will show your progress with entering marks for the class as a percentage.

 When you get to 100% the system will let you know you are finished.

Once you’ve reached 100% you have the option to enter marks for other tests, edit the marks entered for the current test or you can go to the reports screen.

The Overview Tab

The Overview tab allows you to track each mark that has been entered for your class.

You can navigate to any of the mark points at any time by clicking on the circle for the question and pupil.

Each time you enter a mark for a pupil the corresponding circle will change colour.

There are 4 different colour states :

1. Full marks

2. Partial marks awarded

3. No marks awarded

4. Not attempted 

You can revisit any question by selecting the desired circle, and re-entering marks under the score tab.

Accessing the Mark Scheme and Question


The Mark Scheme or Question can be viewed by clicking on the relevant tabs.

The content displayed will correspond with the question number being marked under the Score tab.