View Class Reports

Once you have selected a year group or class, the Overview screen will load and display information about the performance of your pupils in each of the test they took.

The View Class filter displays the tests which have reports available.

Select a test from the list to display the class report.

The report for your chosen test will then be displayed.

Hover over the bars in the graph to view the percentages for both incorrect and correct answers.

There a number of filters at your disposal whilst viewing reports. Use the toggle buttons to filter and results will automatically update.

For example, in the question level analysis you can order results by:

  • Pupil name or Pupil marks
  • Question or Class mean
  • Marks or % Correct

You can change class or year group at any time by simply selecting Change class or year group.

View Pupil report

To view individual pupil reports select View Pupil. Your pupils will then be displayed in alphabetical order by surname.

Select a pupil to access their individual report

The pupil reports currently show the mean subject and test scores for the chosen pupil.