When you select a resource, it will open at the title page.

Toolbar Map

The default position of the toolbar is at the bottom of the screen. Click the Swap Toolbar Position icon to move it to the top. Click the same icon again to return the toolbar to the bottom of the screen.


Click the Zoom in / Zoom out icon or use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out from the text.

To reset the magnification click on the Reset Zoom icon.

You can also enable full screen by selecting the Full-screen icon.

Click to exit full-screen mode.


Click the  Question icon to view the questions. Navigate between the questions using the numbers at the top of the question box.

Click to zoom in or out on the questions.

Clickto reset the answer.

Clickto close the question box.

Move to the relevant page for the selected question by clicking on the link in the top right-hand corner.

Move the question box around the screen by clicking within the blank black space at the top. The cursor will change to an arrow cross when it is in an appropriate area.

Use the borders on the right-hand side and at the bottom to resize the box.

Comments and Highlights

Select the required comment shape and colour from the menu.

Select the required highlight size and colour or rubber from the menu. Select ‘Clear all’ to remove all highlights from the selected page.

Use the comment menu to customise each comment.

Use the mouse to highlight any part of the page window. Slightly wobbly horizontal lines will straighten themselves out, as shown below.

NB: The highlighter only works within the page window.

Minimise individual comments or clickto hide all comments then to reveal them when required.

Click to undo or redo changes.

Clickto reset the whole resource.

NB: Highlights cannot be hidden.

Save to the Cloud
Click then add a description and author to save your work.

Click again to incorporate further changes within the same file or select 'Do not overwrite original file' to create another copy.

The copy will have exactly the same name unless this is amended.

Load from the Cloud

Click then, if necessary, use keywords to search for a specific file. Choose the required file from the list and select ‘Load’.